New album on the way!

Exciting times around here. After many months of labor, we've just finished the new album. These songs emerged over the last year or so, some with just a word or phrase, others with a little mandolin line or a melody, and now they live together side by side in the collection we call "Falling, Rust and Bones." It's pretty cool watching these things take shape, sitting in the studio making little choices that change the direction of a composition, or adjusting a word that gives new depth to a lyric. And now, alas, it's complete, and it will soon leave our hands and go into yours. We're psyched to share it with you, and hopefully there will be bits that you want to listen to more than once…and find yourself singing along to in the car. 

Meanwhile, we're putting the finishing touches on a video for the song "Do Everything You Can Before You're Dead," which is going to be hot. The production of this video was a bit epic, shot on a Red Dragon in some awesome locations. The release date has not yet been announced, so check back here for updates.