Tin Toy Cars -

TinToyCars is a mandolin fronted Indie-Americana band from Las Vegas, founded by songwriter Peter Fand, a New York native who is currently a cast member of Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil. Following a path paved by groups such as The Punch Brothers, Mumford and Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show, TinToyCars is the next chapter in a genre with roots in traditional music, but with a firm vision for the future. 
With mandolin, violin, banjo, guitar and upright bass, one might expect bluegrass or something with an old time slant, but add the compositional drumming of Aaron Guidry, (Cirque du Soleil), and a song writing approach more in line with Paul Simon than Bill Monroe, and a new image begins to emerge. 
The two decades that Fand spent working in the Traditional West African music world, dashing back and forth to Guinea and Mali, lend the songs in this band an intriguing slant, with a nod to something other-worldly. Meanwhile, compelling tales unfold through lyric, with contagious sing-along phrases in the most unexpected places. This music is set off by a high level of instrumental virtuosity from violinist Martin St-Pierre of Montreal (Cirque du Soleil – Mystere), guitarist Andrew Chute, and anchored by bassist Brian Burns.